Icons of Inclusion – 18 March 2024
Proudly hosted by The Dorchester, London

Icons of Inclusion is an inspirational, thought leadership, education and networking event, with a focus on diversity and inclusion in tourism. It will showcase best practices in the industry, celebrate role models through lively, informative discussions that will provide the industry with actionable steps they can take to create real change with regard to workplace culture, sales and marketing and operations. This will be explored through the lens of intersectionality while also taking a deep dive into specific diversity dimensions such as race, LGBTQIA+, women, age, indigenous tourism, accessibility, and more – all so we can create a more welcoming and inviting industry for all and build supply and demand side know-how and success.

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The luxury travel industry is one known for its exceptional standards of intuitive hospitality that provides bespoke experiences so that each and every traveller and guest feels more than just welcomed, but that their unique needs are catered for. Given hospitality is, by its very nature, inviting to all, a perception prevails that the industry by default is inclusive of all. However, this narrative overlooks the fact that we may not have the life experience to consider the unique needs of diverse communities, and the fact that unconscious bias can negatively impact the way we think and behave towards others. This is echoed by the sentiments of many people – travellers, guests and those who work in the industry – who feel under-represented because of the way the industry operates.

73% of luxury travellers from diverse backgrounds do not feel that the industry is inclusive of today’s diverse traveller demographics.

Luxury travel marketing and communications are not representative of today’s luxury traveller; nor do travel brands on the whole proactively target, market and promote directly to diverse community groups.

66% do not feel that providers are offering products or services that are tailored, personalised or individual – especially when it comes to the needs of diverse travellers.

Luxury travellers feel that the industry’s products and services are overwhelmingly ‘cookie cutter’ and providers do not invest in the personalisation (or are not concerned about) the needs of individual guests.

62% do not feel that those employed by luxury travel providers are adequately trained to deal with diverse guests.

Luxury travellers from diverse backgrounds do not feel that the staff representing the top luxury travel brands receive adequate training to deal with diverse guests/travellers.

57% do not feel that travel providers are transparent enough about their diversity policies when it comes to non-discrimination or a diverse and socially-conscious supply chain.

Luxury travellers feel that the travel industry is far more about profit than it is about purpose, especially when it comes to the treatment of their employees.

62% of employees in hospitality and tourism feel that there is far more that needs to be done when it comes to levelling the playing field in their companies.

There is a lack of diverse representation, particularly at senior levels in tourism. Employees from diverse backgrounds do not feel that there are equal opportunities for career progression.

Diversity is good for both brand and business

Personalising the brand, sales and marketing, and product experience for diverse travellers leaders to an increase in engagement, loyalty, word-of-mouth and profitability.

71% of travellers from diverse backgrounds will overwhelmingly choose a brand that proactively demonstrates inclusivity.

Travellers are proactively looking for destinations and travel brands that can outwardly demonstrate inclusivity in their outlook, good social responsibility and ones that value diversity and difference.

Allies are also fully supportive of travel providers that promote diversity and inclusion.

On the whole, mainstream travellers are more aware than ever before about corporate governance and will hold travel providers accountable for the way they conduct business. They are putting their money where their values lie, voting with their wallets and they understand that their purchasing power can help change the challenging structures still faced by many today.

*OutThere diversity survey 2023


  • Maximise the full potential of diverse travellers
  • Make inclusion part of your organisation culture
  • Connect with inclusive travel advisors
  • Build know-how and best practice
  • Forge relationships with the leaders in the field
  • Learn and be inspired by expert speakers
  • Show commitment to diversity and inclusion


GBP£199 + VAT per person

Registration is for one delegate only and gains you access to the full-day programme.


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08.45 – 09.45Registration open / breakfast networkingDorchester Ballroom Suite
09.45 – 10.00Good morning and welcomeUwern Jong
10.00 – 10.15Welcome from Dorchester Collection
/ Employing exceptional people
Eugenio Pirri
10.15 – 10.50Workplace diversity panelModerated by Jane Grammer
Panellists: Rosina Budhani, Thea Bardot, Lightning Travel Recruitment and more
In partnership with The Dorchester
10.50 – 11.00The Iconic Series: Intersectionality: Defining today’s travellerAisha Shaibu-Lenoir, Moonlight ExperiencesIn partnership with Scott Dunn
11.00 – 11.25Race and the luxury travel industry: A fireside chatUwern Jong and Vincent Jones, Citizen Jones
11.25 – 12.00Coffee breakSponsored by The Dorchester, London
12.00 – 12.10The Iconic Series: Ageism – the last acceptable discrimination?Debbie Marshall, Silver Marketing AssociationIn partnership with Scott Dunn
12.10- 12.45Women in luxury travel panelModerated by Hollie-Rae Brader
Panellists tbc
12.45 – 12.55The Iconic Series: Transgender and non-gender binary travel: The future is trans inclusiveMax SiegelIn partnership with Scott Dunn
12.55 – 13.30LGBTQ+ travel panelModerated by Uwern Jong
Panellists: LoAnn Halden, IGLTA and more
13.3014.30Lunch and networkingSponsored by The Dorchester, London
14.30 – 14.50Keynote speakerSpeaker tbc
14.50 – 15.20Inspirational iconsSpeakers tbc
15.20 – 15.30The Iconic Series: Indigenous TourismSpeaker tbcIn partnership with Scott Dunn
15.30 – 16.05Disability in luxury travel panel
Moderated by Hollie-Rae Brader
Richard Thompson, Inclu Travel, Ian Callen, Go Beyond Holidays
Others tbc
16.05 – 16.15The Iconic Series: Social diversitySpeaker tbcIn partnership with Scott Dunn
16.15 – 16.50The power of story-telling
Moderated by Sarah Siese, BGTW
Panellists tbc
16.50 – 17.00Wrap up and thank yousUwern Jong
17.00 – 19.00Networking drinksSponsored by The Dorchester, London